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Prepress preparation and production

Prepress preparation and production

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Print advertising is an effective channel for the popularization and the growth of every business. Enrichment of technologies influenced traditional advertising to a level that there are no impossible things. However, due to this large abundance, you will not always find the most suitable form of advertising and the one which has the best price.
If you consider brochures, calendars, packaging and outdoor advertising important, you probably want a guarantee that they will be created by professionals. Prodacta offers a full range of services from the idea to the realization and the final production. Prodacta's professional team will facilitate you with the most optimized choice of technology and materials so your visual communication can be more successful and durable in time.
Some of us master the fineness of printing since the time when being online was not common. We can recognize all types of paper with our eyes closed and we are not even scared of the ink on our hands because we have our own production space.
Our experience is the biggest advantage we have, when there have to be decisions made. For example, if the paper has to be glance or mat, how it should be folded and what type of ink should be used. We follow the newest innovations in this difficult but long-standing sphere of art. Regarding the prepress preparation, we are very cautious about our files and the files which the clients provide us with.
The prepress preparation is a critical point in the whole process of production. This is why our DTP team is controlling the quality at every step. We also work with advertising agencies who need an additional DTP resource in busy periods. Apart from that we often communicate with the companies of our clients and freelance designers who prefer to rely on us for the quality of their projects when it comes to printing.

Here are our services:

Digital printing
Wide-format printing
Offset printing
Screen printing
Production of stamp shapes
Pad printing
Import of souvenirs from Europe and China
Hot stamping
Branding cars


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