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Ideas and design

Ideas and design

To get the most effective image for your business ...
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Corporate identity Corporate identity
Everybody wishes to look good. Fashion is important to people, but for everything else it is design. The balance sheet is not the business image. It is rather the small "details" which make a business recognizable. For example, the logo, the business cards and all corporative materials. All of them create the corporative identity which we can also call your message outside the office.
We work precisely and fast at the same time until we achieve the most effective image of your business. We aim to show your values, message and strength. In fact, it is our strength to do all of this because we start with a serious research of your target audience, market competition and at least 2 concepts for your future corporative image.
Key words about this here are trust and responsibility. The visual part of every business should communicate with its current and potential customers and partners.
Prodacta offers consultation and production services so your corporative identity will be fully developed in the same place, constantly checked and tested and at competitive prices. Our creative team can develop a professional identity for you which literally reveals opportunities even about things you do not expect. We can do all of this while your busy with your accounting balance sheet.

Here are our services:

Corporative identity
Advertising strategy
Logo design
Design of Business cards
Design of corporative documents and presentations
Design of advertising materials


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