Business plans and consultations

Business plans and consultations

Every successful idea begins with listening ...
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Every successful idea begins with listening. If we have to say it in a formal way - business consultation. We prefer inviting you for a conversation so we can learn about the distinctive qualities of your organization and your ambitions to improve. After that, we can together build a plan with concrete steps leading to your greatest aim.
Let's define it now: Prodacta does not find a solution for one day. We take consideration of the whole bunch of opportunities advertising has those days (online, offline) until we find a solution which would work out perfectly for you.
The consultation can be held at the office or on Skype. If you wish to arrange such, you can simply make a phone call or send an email to us. For your safety, we provide you with the option for money back guarantee.

We offer:

1 hour consultation
1 hour consultation which is intended to a concrete need your business has. It would be most useful if you formulate your expectations beforehand, so we can demonstrate solutions.
300 BGN (excl. VAT)
1 to 6 months

Full marketing plan for a period of 1 to 6 months. This includes:

1.analysis of target audience, resources and actions of the company on the market

2.analysis of communication channels including a plan for improving

3.concrete solutions for improving results with budget and deadlines

4.Recommendations for optimization

Price: variable, send your inquiry and we will respond
2 hour consultation
2 hour consultation which is intended to focus on your communication strategy and the actions it requires to be realized. We will make a whole analysis of the marketing environment and the competition.
500 BGN (excl. VAT)


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